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Sanifeet Hygienic Foot Gel

Sanifeet Hygienic Foot Gel

Flip Top Cap, 50 ml

Antimicrobial property: active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative, aerobic and anaerobic, spore-forming and asporogenic bacteria existing both as monocultures and microbial associations.

Usage: effective hygienic product for foot and interdigital care. Activates regeneration processes, stops wound and perifocal inflammation with no damage to the viable cells of the skin and no suppression of marginal epithelization. Has significant antiperspirant and deodorizing properties.

Composition: glycerol, Calendula and Salvia extracts, parabens, allantoin, triclosan, functional additives.

Application: massage a thin layer of gel onto clean and dry feet, heels, and between toes. Use no more than once a day.