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Personal Use

Sanitelle Personal Use

Sanitelle® instant hand sanitizers for personal use are available in the form of gel, foam, spray, and wipes. Sanitelle® kills 99.99% of the most common pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It takes only 15 seconds to apply it on your hands. Main component (66.2%) is ethyl alcohol. Softens the skin and creates the feeling of freshness. Contains moisturizers, vitamin E other functional ingredients depending on the SKU.

Designed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, for the parents of newborns, and for teenagers; to be used in everyday life indoors and outdoors and as a preventive measure from getting sick at work or in public spaces.

Approximately 80% of infections are transmitted through hands. Pathogenic germs exist on various surfaces: door handles, hand rails, elevator buttons, computer keyboards, money, credit cards, documents, public transportation seats, and so many more. Once in contact with hands of an individual, the germs stay on the skin. If sanitation is insufficient, the pathogenic germs enter the human body when infected hands get in contact with the mucous lining of the mouth, nose, or eyes.

Squeeze (gel & foam) or spray (liquid) a small amount of Sanitelle instant hand sanitizer onto your palm and rub onto your hands until the product evaporates completely.

Sanitelle Personal Use

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