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Promotional Items & Ambient Media

Corporate souvenirs. Promotional items. Ambient media carrier. Promotional product
  • A newcomer in the market of corporate promotional products - hand sanitizers in different sizes.
  • An innovative corporate souvenir and useful promotional item that stands out because of its uniqueness and novelty.
  • Kills 99.99% of the most common pathogenic bacteria and significantly reduces the risk of viral infections hand-transmitted.
  • A promotional product that helps to protect and improve health.
  • The benefits of using alcohol-based skin sanitizers as promotional items.
  • A new type of corporate souvenir.
  • Frequent contact with target audience: a potential customer sees an advertisement on the bottle 3 to 9 times daily, depending on the bottle size.
  • A unique ambient media carrier.
  • Long-term effect on a certain customer: on average, a 25-ml bottle of gel is used 20-25 times, a 50-ml bottle is used 40-50 times, and a 250-ml bottle is used 230-250 times.
  • Various package and bottle sizes.
  • Large advertising field and no limitations to color scheme or graphic elements.
  • Low cost compared to products with a similar duration and frequency of use.
  • Positive perception of the promotional product by the target audience.
  • High quality of products.