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Our Vision

High-quality products for a high quality of life.

Our Mission

The Bentus mission is to save lives and to alleviate the suffering and economic burden caused by infectious deceases, particularly focusing on hospital-acquired infections and those spread hand-to-hand. We achieve this with a twofold strategy: offering innovative products of an unparalleled quality and educating both populations and healthcare professionals.

ISO 13485:20035
EN 1040:2005

EN 1275:2005

Founded in 2003, Bentus Laboratories LLC (OOO Bentus Laboratorii) is engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative hygiene products. Its first product, the Sanitelle instant hand sanitizers, was the first hand sanitizers produced in Russia and sold in CIS countries, filling a crucial gap in the regional healthcare market.

Our production facilities, located in Moscow, boast modern European equipment manufactured in compliance with GMP requirements.

An on-site laboratory ensures meticulous control of the quality of both raw materials and finished products. In the research, development, and launch of our new products, we engage with leading scientists of both national and international renown in the fields of cosmetics, toxicology, and hygiene, maintaining our goal of bringing the best quality to our customers.

All our instant hand sanitizing products are ethanol-based. The company`s products are also exported to the CIS and EC countries.

The production site is located in Moscow and furnished with modern European equipment made in compliance with GMP standards.

Our manufacturing facility has the International Certificate of Quality ISO 13485:2003.

Our products comply with the European standards EN 1040:2005 and EN 1275:2005.

Bentus Laboratories is a co-founder of the MAPHS alliance (Manufacturers Alliance for Patient and Healthcare Professional`s Safety), which also includes Johnson & Johnson and Ansell Healthcare (the global leader in barrier protection production). Bentus Laboratories is also a member of an alliance with the Russian Red Cross: part of the profit earned from the sales of our products is allocated for the implementation of medical-social assistance programs by the Russian Red Cross.

In 2011, the brand Sanitelle of Bentus Laboratories became the golden medalist of the EFFIE "The Brand of the Year" competition in 2010, in the category of "Health products-individual hygiene items."

In 2011, the brand Sanitelle of Bentus Laboratories ranked first in the European EFFIE Effectiveness Index and third in the worldwide EFFIE Effectiveness Index. The EFFIE Effectiveness Index, the first global effectiveness rating of marketing communications, was created to identify the most effective brands and agencies, as well as advertisers and individual representatives of the marketing communications industry. The index is based on data accumulated about the finalists and winners of EFFIE competitions around the world.

In December 2014, the brand Sanitelle of Bentus Laboratories won the National Trust Award Brand No. 1 in Russia-2014 in the nomination Antiseptics, confirming the high level of commitment and consumer confidence. The Annual National Award Brand No. 1 in Russia has existed since 1998 and is one of the most important well-known brands and customer confidence assessment systems in Russian market.

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